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Rob's Triple P Farm


Welcome to Our Farm

Welcome to the wonderful world of Perky Poultry of Pennsylvania a/k/a Rob’s Triple P Farms.  Here we are a mother-son duo specializing in showing and breeding poultry.  Our farm is located in the Laurel Mountains of Southwestern, Pennsylvania where we experience all 4 seasons and the extreme weather changes. We started showing poultry back at some local fairs for fun and 4-H.  Though we are still involved with some of those venues, we are gradually moving into the larger poultry show circuit.

Before we get too far into our birds, we’ll acquaint ourselves with you.  April is a successful entrepreneur, owning a primitive country store.   Prior to that, she had worked as a paralegal/legal secretary for some local attorneys.  She opened Rustic Country Treasures with handmade items and consignments which is still going strong with a much bigger selection of country/primitive décor.  Christopher is a Certified Veterinary Technician since 2012, when he graduated from the Vet Tech Institute of Pittsburgh and works in a nearby Veterinary Clinic.  Our careers give us some flexibility to care for our birds and attend poultry shows.

Now back to our birds.  Unlike most farms we differ in preference of look, type and style of birds.  Christopher prefers featherlegged which is why he raises Largefowl Light Brahmas; Largefowl and Bantam Black Cochins and Silkies in White and Splash.  April on the other hand, likes only a little bit of fluff which explains why she has Bantam Red Cochins and Largefowl Jersey Giants in Black, Blue, Splash and White.  Our birds are our hobby and under no circumstance a form of profit for us.  This is why we are able to breed to the standards which are depicted in the APA and ABA Standard of Perfection, and all recognized by the APA and ABA.  Not all birds are of equal quality and whether they come from the highest priced lines or the cheapest, proper breeding can be perfected upon.  For more information and photos of our birds, check out the other pages to get a sense of what we are working on.

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