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Bantam Cochins

The Bantam Cochins where the first of the show birds that we ever gotten involved with. Christopher has been breeding these birds for some time now starting with his own limited breeding group and gone from there. We currently are raising 3 varieties, Black, Splash & Blue.

The Blacks had originated from Larry & Mark Peterson. These are the base of the breeding stock and have been used to form Christopher's interpretation of the Standard. Even though we have held our own at many shows we still look forward as to improving the breed even further with every generation. They may be time consuming but they are the most rewarding when they complete and receive compliments from long time exhibitors.

The newer varieties we have are the Blue & Splash. Christopher had started these birds off with some nicely colored Blues with limited type. Christopher had done crossings of these birds to his black line and has used this process to develop the Blues that are at the Farm today. Just as the Blacks there is always room for improvement and will continue to strive for perfection.


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