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Bearded Bantam Silkies

The Silkies are a fascination in the bird world to Christopher. April, thinks they're cute but she likes the Jersey Giants a little more than the fluff balls. Christopher likes the difference in the birds and their overall appearance. Over time we have add just about every different color imaginable and even one cross that we still have no idea how that happened. We have limited since then down to only three colors to concentrate on, which are White, Splash, & Blue.

Personally, he loves Splash. They are his original love and the reason why he ever started into Silkies. His personal preference is those that have large blue splotching all over with retaining the blue tinted white base. While the Blues are beautiful in their own right they are mainly at the farm to keep the Splash from becoming to diluted. With this there are some blue that hatch and grow out very dark but this also retains the best color for crossing over the Splash.

The White silkies are at the farm and kept for they are the consistent winners for the breed. These birds are smaller and have been due to the fact of so many judges telling me how oversized they can be. The most important details Christopher sees in all of hi bird is type and balance for there have been a few extra large crests at the farm but that's not always the best or only choice.

 All of the birds we have come from fellow Silkie breeders some of which do show and those that do not. In any respect, all of the birds we have notable strong points for his breeding program. Hopefully the farm can continue to hatch some young ones each year and improve each year.

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