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Jersey Giants

The Jersey Giants are April’s birds and hers alone.  Christopher likes fluffy, featherlegged cuddle bugs so they just aren’t his choice, although he has admitted that some are much bigger and nicer than what have been seen at other shows.  These birds are BIG and that is not only next to Bantams. She started this breed as a whim, to just see how very big they actually got.  Nevertheless, these have remained her favorites and continuing to raise this heritage breed as a dual purpose bird has now become a mission. 

 The birds currently on the farm for breeding have originated from some quality breeders such as Bobbi/Sal Porto; Julian Kuhn and Robert Vaughn (Golda Miller line), Shane Manuel(Vaughn line) and Robert Rennolet (Miller line) – all of whom own some great specimens of Jerseys.  Currently all 4 varieties are being raised at the farm.

The Blacks have that gorgeous beetle green sheen that glows brightly in the sun. The focus as with any bird is to achieve the type and size set forth by the standard. the Blacks are a true representation of that have been tried and true. These are the backbone of the breed are tried and true. We will continue to go forth with the same.

The Blues have very precise lacing and all are bred to retain that darker lacing.  The farm stays away  from direct blue to blue breeding for breeding the black to blue retains more of the vibrant lacing. Not every bird bred show the lacing but the best laced birds are hard to beat. Occasionally there have been some Splash to show up at the farm which are so lovely to see even if there are no accepted by the standard yet!

 The latest variety acquired is White, one that has been unnoticeable for some time and affirmatively out of the spotlight.  The White Jerseys definitely lost showroom luster from when they actually dominated at the markets and shows, but they are making a comeback with some very dedicated breeders.  While retaining size and type and with some aggressive culling/breeding they should be void of dusky color and improved leg color, so perhaps they will be once again return to the showstopper from their hay day. 

Jerseys are a sociable yet majestic and gentle bird that does not grow quickly.  Jersey Giants are slower to mature so it takes 2-3 years for full maturity to be reached even though you may start getting eggs at 6 months.  Therefore purchasing chicks in spring and expecting to show in fall is not a realistic expectation. 

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