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Sales Policy

Very Young birds can be very difficult to sex accurately until later maturity.
That is one of the reasons we mainly sell "pairs" only.
Occasionally we will make exceptions and sell started birds and once in a while chicks.                                                               

Under no exception do I ship silkie and/or cochin hatching eggs. The only reason to ship eggs would be that jersey giants, brahmas, and large cochins are very expensive to ship when they are full grown.                                    

We do not make any guarantees as to the sex or quality of these birds (chicks or juvenilles). Evaluating young birds is very difficult to say the least.

If we sell unsexed birds, we do not take back cockerels or swap them for pullets.
Please make sure you can house or re-home extra males.                 

 We do deliver birds to shows that we attend as long as they are payed in full before they leave with us on the road.                       

It really all depends on the situation and what we have available at the time.

We are very honest about the quality of birds we are offering for sale. We want buyers to realize that not every chick we hatch is worthy of showing or breeding. Again, we are hatching with our exhibition goals in mind.

"Show Quality" is a a bird in which we feel can place at a good size show against decent competition. We do not consider "Show Quality" to be a bird with simply no breed disqualifications. With that said, you should also know it's a term we rarely use. It's just so 'overdone' that it holds little value to us.

"Breeder Quality" is a bird we feel has some attributes that would be of benefit in a breeding program, but may be useful for very small shows/fairs, just not to compete at mediocre to larger shows. That does not mean they won't produce "show quality" birds.

"Pet Quality" is simply a bird with a DQ or one that we feel would make a beautiful pet but would offer no benefit to the breed if used in a breeding program.

We do not sell birds to anyone under the age of 18.

To hold birds, for any reason at all, there must be a 50% deposit of their cost otherwise they may be sold to someone else. Shipping is not done until payment is made in full. Payments are made by Cash, Money Order or Paypal. No refund on payment. If we are at all unable to fulfill the order discussed, for any reason, we will refund in full.

Please note, USPS Express & Priority shipments are not guaranteed. BUYER assumes any and all risks. This includes but is not limited to; delays, late or lost shipments, damage, condition of birds.

If you agree with our sales terms, you may contact us about any available birds for sale. To talk to us go to Contact Us!

Available Birds - Contact for Availability

Jersey Giants (Hatching Eggs)

Breeding season is here and we are trying to hatch out a nice size brood of chicks for raising this summer. Maybe you would like to try too. We occasionally offer Jersey Giants hatching eggs in all colors. These birds are difficult to transport in numbers to start your own flock so hatching them out yourself may be the best way to get a descent sized flock of birds in a very short time. Just give us a call and we would be happy to see if we can get you started in this gentle giant breed.

No other breed currently has hatching eggs or chicks as an option. 

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