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Toulouse Geese &
         Rouen Ducks

The Grey Toulouse Geese were started on the idea of trying something new. This was the first venture into Waterfowl and Christopher had always liked them but never had the chance. The 1st Pair had been from Wilson's Waterfowl. This was a test to see if they were going to stay. Well it has been 3 years since getting the first and they have continued on the journey. 

Since the start the farm has added a few more from Jake Wilson of Wilson's Waterfowl and  Quaky Acres to create a small flock. So far Christopher has had one good season of fertility just having to do better on the actual incubation to better the hatches. Again a learning process for the farm. Stay tuned for more.

The Grey Rouens are even newer than the Toulouse. Again this is a new venture for our farm for breeding and raising. Personally Christopher has been interested in them as long as Geese but just like anything new they require a learning curve on how tom care for them. They have done well so far since their start but we still have work to do. We have the bloodlines of Jean Doerflein of Duck Creek Poultry, Curtis Oaks & Kim Munden and have been very pleased with all.

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